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I went to the Global Petroleum Show with high digital hopes, and came away pretty disappointed. The vast majority of suppliers to the industry are just not in the game.
One word that does not describe the oil and gas world is “agile”. Why is being agile suddenly something that the industry aspires to?
Cyber security is high on the Board's agenda, with the rise of hacking incidents, identity theft, the proliferation of malware and ransomware, and the threat of fines increasingly frustrated regulators. In this episode, I speak with cyber expert Chris Ballem about the tactics that companies can take to improve their resilience in a digital world. Duration: 13m 13s
Calgary didn't make it into the top 20 most attractive cities for the second HQ of the digital Goliath. What does this tell us about Calgary's brand and how it may need to change for a more digital future? Duration: 10m 14s