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One of the bigger digital shifts that will take place in the next decade will be the mass migration of oil and gas companies to the next generation SAP. The guts of SAP are getting a thorough overhaul, and the benefits on offer are real and substantial. But all industries will be upgrading so there's no time to waste. Duration: 11m 56s
Cloud computing is one of those exponential technologies that will have an outsized impact on oil and gas. Not only are most, if not all, new digital solutions based on cloud computing, some nifty solutions simply wouldn't exist without it. Duration: 10m 30s

What should the digital strategy be for today's oil and gas services companies, in an uncertain and shifting economy? Not your dad's gameplan, that's for certain. The wave of digital transformation unleashed by the constant advancement of technology is unrelenting and services companies are actually going to...

Some large oil companies are sending signals that Canada’s oil sands may be heading towards an early exit. Can digital extend the life of oil sands a little longer?

 What should the digital strategy be for today’s oil and gas services companies, exposed and buffeted by unbounded cost and productivity pressures? Not your dad's gameplan, that's for certain.

What are my predictions for 2017 in the fast evolving world of digital and its impact on oil and gas? This podcast is a recording of a popular blog post from earlier this year. Duration: 8m 53s ...