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So, you're considering a digitalisation effort in your company. How should you organise your effort? Do you embed a team inside one of your existing technology organisations (yes, you probably have more than one). Do you launch a new organisation? Do you create a hybrid team of business, IT and operations? Duration: 10m 05s

The oil and gas industry is not immune to the big digital trends sweeping through society. The industry runs on digital information.It already has been "industrially digitised" through what the industry calls Operational Technology (OT), or the myriad of sensors on assets that provide operations...

We're all in a brave new world of digital. Banks are converting us into our own bankers by putting banking apps on smart phones and tablets, airlines are turning us into check in counters, our phones are turning into our wallets and our doctors, our cars are becoming mobile hot spots, we can log in virtually anywhere and anytime on any number of devices. Consumer digital is impacting IT departments everywhere and in every field, from banking, retail, transportation, and the public sector.