What are the different types of bandsaw blades?

regular blade

If you have a look at the market you will be able to find a lot of varieties in the band saw and when it comes to the insertion of blades inside it you will be able to find a variety of models with different size cuttings and it is your responsibility to choose the one that will be related to your need and also the purpose. Among the different types of bandsaw blades, you need to know about the different types included inside it to get a clear idea about it you can make use of this article, which will help you out in the right way.


You need to consider the type of material that you plan to cut and then you need to choose the type of blade that you will be needed for cutting.

hook blade

Hook blade

This type of blade will be very wide and they will cover a large area because of the teeth they have. You can insert this kind of blade at any type of angle and this does its work in a faster way. Mainly this can cut wooden pieces, plastic, metal, even the hard Woods.

Skip blade

This type of skip blade will be in a wide way and they are sharp where this will not collect any sort of wood or plastic when they return. This kind of blade is made for any kind of purpose where this application will not damage any material.

Regular blade

This is said to be the most common type of blade where many people will make use of it and this is found in a vast range in the market. This blade especially contains deep gullets and the tooth that the blade has will be in a regular shape. This kind of tool is mainly used over thin material that cannot be cut by any type of tool. The general materials and including the wood can be cut with the help of general blade.

Bottom line

Above explained are some of the important tips to choose bandsaw blades that are available in the market with different price ranges. It is your responsibility to go with the branded one rather than depending on the local product. If you are a beginner then you need to get some ideas about the utilizing process and then you can make use of them.